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    The world is changing and technology is improving. More and more people are working from home or being a part of Global Virtual Teams that rarely meet in person. What are the best practices for managing Global Virtual Teams? We derived five main factors from our experienced, online facilitators. These factors are primarily geared towards managing global virtual teams, but can also be applied to cross-cultural iness meetings, negotiations, trainings and workshops.

    COVID-19: Some Resources to Navigate Through Tough Times​

    The events and developments related to COVID-19 continue to unfold at a very fast pace, impacting our economies, daily lives and realities. The effect on startups will definitely be considerable. We have selected a few resources that we found relevant and useful to navigate through these difficult times.

    The Coronavirus Crisis Checklist for Startup CEOs Your job isn’t about finding the best option anymore — it’s about finding the option that is least bad

    The Top 10 websites for online learning

    StartUps Digital Platform participates ​at Oxford Said university

    7th March 2020

    The Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF) is a one-day conference, held annually by the Business School to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. The format includes: keynote sessions, panel discussions, pitching competition, and exhibition space.

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